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Pathfox works with private and public sector organizations to research and develop strategic routes to market growth, industry diversification, powerful supply chains, healthy economies and entrepreneurial ecosystems. 

For more than 25 years, Dr. Beth Fitz Gibbon, Pathfox founder and principal, has  been helping business leaders refine their strategic direction and develop their long term strategic plans across a broad spectrum of industries.  Dr. Fitz Gibbon earned her Doctorate in Business Management at Case Western Reserve University, where she also taught Entrepreneurship and Strategy. With a broad and deep background across a number of industries, Dr. Fitz Gibbon has worked with B2B and B2C companies as well as entrepreneurial startups. She is experienced with product development and advanced manufacturing from both business and economic development perspectives.


Entrepreneurial & Intrapreneurial Growth

Building a new company or revitalizing a business takes more than money. Be sure you have the competence and capabilities to scale.

Business & Market Diversification

Profitable revenue growth goes to those with vision and courage. Pathfox helps you find the best route.

Supply chain development

Want to grow efficiently? Rationalize your supplier base, build strategic relationships, and aim for a higher tier in complex supply chains.

Merger & Acquisition assessments

50% of M&As fail. Assess your strengths and plan to succeed.


Leverage economic development resources to build prosperous entrepreneurial ecosystems, healthy talent pipelines, and powerful supply chains.

Strategic Planning & implementation

Exponential change is a growing challenge. Pathfox helps your team craft research-based strategies and timely tactical executions.

New product development & commercialization

Develop a market strategy and use design thinking, from prototyping through market launch, to drive demand.

Joint ventures & strategy alliances

Mutually beneficial partnerships are rare and fragile. Do you have the thought leadership to build one that works?


Make yourself heard in a crowded market, B-to-C or B-to-B, with a voice that resonates.


Retool the future of manufacturing and build a healthy workforce in your company, state or region.

The process

1. Assess
2. Research
3. Strategize
4. Execute

Pathfox Client Challenges and Results

  • Establish a strategic partnership with global industry leader
  • Formulate products that meet specific market regulatory requirements


  • Launched in 19 countries in 21 months and met 5-year revenue goal in first year
  • Recognized as one of Ad Age’s “Best 100 Launches of the Year”
  • Create a collaboration among designers, engineers, OEMs and software providers
  • Develop proprietary industry-changing technology
  • Educate non-tech sales people and entice tech-averse consumers


  • Launched at Wal-Mart, Radio Shack and BellSouth Mobility stores, sales grew 55%
  • Design channel strategies for retail and e-commerce
  • Plan manufacturing processes and purchase state-of-the-art equipment
  • Develop operating policies and establish supply chain relationships


  • Established distinctive brand positioning and launched ecommerce website
  • Research the industry, market, competition and consumers
  • Lead strategic planning and development of actionable business plans
  • Realign product development and marketing communication processes


  • Identified high potential new products and markets; cut costs 20%
  • Build public-private partnerships to bridge entrepreneurs across the “valley of death”
  • Engage entrepreneurs, investors and economic developers to design business and technical services and performance metrics
  • Secure funding for investment and capacity building


  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship Investment Prospectus presented at the Brookings Institution, Washington, D.C.
  • Build advanced manufacturing and materials portfolio for Computers & Electronics, Aerospace & Defense, and Metals & Machinery
  • Provide market intelligence, technology trends, and talent issues and opportunities
  • Focus on supply chains, market diversification and exporting solutions


  • Growth, diversification and export guidance provided to 76 small and medium manufacturers
  • State Talent Council and Talent Plan created, State Manufacturing Innovation Center initiated

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